Wienerachter and the mass start of the Vienna kanu challenge (including standup paddling) begin in resting water below the Nussdorf Lock, follow 6.000m down the Donaukanal, into the city centre and have their finish line at the observatory Urania observatory.

Key data for the racecourse from Nussdorf lock:

  • Length: 6.000m
  • Average width: 45m
  • Current: 5-7km/h
  • Bridge pillars: none
  • Turning points: none
  • Row up to the start in resting water below the Nussdorf-Lock
  • Start: Donaukanal km mark 0,8, 200m into the current
  • Finish: Donaukanal km mark 6,8
  • Race-time: 15-30 minutes (fastest eights to slowest canoes)
  • Expected top speed: up to 25km/h


The challenges the racecourse poses to athletes, in combination with the urban atmosphere around it, makes this, Europe’s fastest racecourse, unique in its kind.   Despite what the picture below may suggest: all shipping is suspended during the races!



Photo: Philipp Schalber

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