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Hardly any other racecourse lends itself to watch the races from start to finish as much as viennautica.

Unbroken cycle paths on both banks, numerous bridges and cosy pubs and restaurants provide opportunities to cheer for your athletes, or just enjoy the races with a cool drink.

Tip: All points of the racecourse are accessible by public transport, and can also be explored by bicycle (for example Vienna Citybike, free of charge, rentable from various points across town).

Venues along the racecourse:

km 5,5 L Tel Aviv Beach 

km 5,6 L Schützenhaus 

km 5,8 L Adria Wien 

km 6,3 R Café Motto am Fluss 

km 6,6 R Badeschiff / Pool ONLY 

km 6,7 R Cafe Urania 

km 6,8 R Strandbar Herrmann – FINISH LINE

R = right hand bank L = left hand bank